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A few Production stills from yesterday.

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OBSERVE(WT): Shoot Day went really well...


After a small hiccup to begin the day involving Kallan and I having to wait AN HOUR! for the hire car (cheers Europcar) meaning that we didn’t leave the depot until just gone 9am (after loading the Kit and picking up Bec + Coffee) we got on the road to the location at Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus.

45-ish minutes later we arrived and met with Tony Buckley (the guy that took Bec and I on a tour of the campus for the location recce) at the reception and got checked in by security. 

We all went into Daresbury Tower for most of the morning getting various shots of the internal machinery they have housed in there. Used the Glide Cam and Track & Dolly for a few shots just to get a little more dynamics on the go.

Before we broke for lunch we spent roughly an hour with an Electron Microscope. This thing was unreal! 100x magnification to, wait for it…. 30,000! A 1p coin is so much dirtier than you would imagine. Also put some of my hair under it too, a necessary sacrifice in the name of the film. Hopefully getting some more images of previous things they’ve examined under it so i have a little choice in Post.

Ham, Cheese and Coleslaw baps never tasted so good…..

The Cockcroft Institute came next and we filmed inside their Vacuum science lab for a little while then moved onto the Bio-Labs. 

All in all I think the day went really well. Came away with 25gb of H.264 compressed footage which is almost likely to double once I’ve converted them to ProRess so that Final Cut can work with them.

Kallan and Bec did a great job getting a variety of different shots for me to use. I gave them a lot of freedom to shoot what they wanted and after looking at some of the Rushes I’m glad I did. My thanks go to them for agreeing to work on the film and spending the whole day at the location.

I cannot thank Tony and everyone at the Campus for the help they have given, all were great in letting us film within their labs and seemed very happy to do so. I couldn’t have asked for any more and am so glad I decided to use Daresbury.

On with the Edit…..


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Shoot day tomorrow!

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-  Shoot day confirmed for Tuesday 22nd Nov (next week)

- Car booked

-  Kit booked

-  Crew confirmed

Happy Days.

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This shows the current level of the vfx.

The image on the left is the initial screen taken from ‘Epic 2015’ and is the source of the inspiration for the female voice over parts.

The middle image is the first rendered test. Its not quite what I want the final thing to look like but as a test done in almost 15mins its not too bad.

The image on the right is the more where i’d like the visuals to end up looking like.

T is still working on the adjustments and I should have another test within the week.

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