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Very cool concept. Well executed. Strong yet simple VFX.

If this were the norm, how would we know we wouldn’t be vulnerable?



Tyler Stableford

When you’ve given everything, what do you have left?

After achieving his dream summit, an elite climber finds himself empty. Broken and untethered, he searches for a fulfillment more lasting than a faraway peak.

The Making Of ‘Ellen’

Here’s a look at how the film came to be made.

Full film here:


My final graduate film concluding my time at Staffordshire University.

Watch in HD for best viewing, share around and watch the making of for a little insight into how the film was made and the inspiration behind it.



The other day I came across some BTS of a short WWII film that I focus pulled on. We shot it on the Red Epic using anamorphic lenses all on location near Ipswich. 

Love BTS footage. Really want to shoot RED!

Solar Roadways | Michèle Ohayon

by Focus Forward Films

Very interesting concept. Imagine the possibilities if this were to be the standard way of rebuilding roads in the near future. 

What would the next step after be? Tyre and car manufacturers developing a way for these neo-roads to supply electricity directly to a car, as its travelling along the road. Stopping at recharging stations (as mentioned) would become unnecessary. Ever increasingly sophisticated GPS? The Google Car? 

These things working together could allow for an unprecedented automated road network. Slightly Minority Report maybe?


by Aaron Sims



Kenny Mosher

Haunting in deeply beautiful way.


Kingdom of the Homeless

 Oliver Molloy

Brilliant, quirky and very Wes Anderson. Check this out and share it around. 

Coming To Terms

Benjamin Guy

Short trailer for my newest film still in Post.