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Once Upon a Track Day

Joe Embrey Bicycle Union x Hardcore Hobbies




My final graduate film concluding my time at Staffordshire University.

Watch in HD for best viewing, share around and watch the making of for a little insight into how the film was made and the inspiration behind it.



Detailing in this is amazing. With appearances from lots of our childhood friends!


Kenny Mosher

Haunting in deeply beautiful way.


Kingdom of the Homeless

 Oliver Molloy

Brilliant, quirky and very Wes Anderson. Check this out and share it around. 

Coming To Terms

Benjamin Guy

Short trailer for my newest film still in Post.


Trailer for my new short film coming out. It’s going to be good!

Teaser trailer for just one of the films I DoP’d on over the last month. In Post, looking forward to seeing the final result.


Camille Marotte 

Visuals in this are stunningly beautiful. Used as inspiration for my upcoming film.

Oren Peli Interview from Slamdance on Vimeo.


Tips from the director who turned his $11,000 indie film into a $577 million franchise. (VIDEO: