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SixthSense Technology

A brilliant, life altering, OPEN SOURCE technology concept that you can build NOW! This has the potential to exponentially grow as new developers create additional ‘apps’ that the system can utilise. 

The possibilities are truly endless in connecting our digital world with our physical world and I hope this is funded to the absolute maximum possible to condense it and integrate it more fully into our lifestyles.

Fringe Science.
Want but hot damn the set is expensive.

Fringe Science.

Want but hot damn the set is expensive.

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Solar Roadways | Michèle Ohayon

by Focus Forward Films

Very interesting concept. Imagine the possibilities if this were to be the standard way of rebuilding roads in the near future. 

What would the next step after be? Tyre and car manufacturers developing a way for these neo-roads to supply electricity directly to a car, as its travelling along the road. Stopping at recharging stations (as mentioned) would become unnecessary. Ever increasingly sophisticated GPS? The Google Car? 

These things working together could allow for an unprecedented automated road network. Slightly Minority Report maybe?

With my new film starting production tomorrow, I figure this is probably the best time to make my last one available for public viewing. Enjoy it, share it, discuss. 


“I am now filming your bionic hand with my bionic eye.”

These words have been uttered - and aren’t science fiction.

Some of you may remember an awesome and startling video I posted in August for the video game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution (here). It depicted a dystopian future brought about by transhumanist upgrades from corrupt companies. Well, the Deus Ex people hired Rob Spense, a self-proclaimed “eyeborg” (who kinda reminds me of an early Snake Plisskin), to produce this mini-documentary about the current state of transhumanist upgrades, such as bionic eyes and limbs. Pretty interesting stuff, and I love that it was done by a game company, which is fascinating in itself.

“I mean, who says that a normal human leg is the optimal thing for you. [Our] species evolved to this leg we have now, but who says that’s the end of the line?”

15 years…..

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Future In Film

A quick questionnaire to help me with my essay?

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A few (very quick) screen grabs to show Post Production is going well. Just waiting on the Female VO for the full rough edit together, then I can start trimming and fine tuning. 

The VFX still isn’t right so the ones you see in the SGs are templates for ease of working, the same goes for the text layers.

I’m tempted to do a little teaser trailer but I’ve still got a load left to do. We’ll see what happens.

Its gunna be a busy week and a half….

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John Underkoffler points to the future of UI

Incredible Demo of around-the-corner technology

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A few Production stills from yesterday.

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